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December 2021 Announcement

~ December 2021 Announcement ~ The last few years have been strange to say the least, but as we fast-approach 2022 I will be facing some new and exciting challenges with my family and animals. In order to accommodate a complete renovation of my facility I will need to make significant changes to my program offerings for this coming year.

~ Outreach Programs ~ Because of the changes currently taking place I will have a very limited number of animals available for outreach programs. Starting in January 2022 I will only be offering single-species "Creature Close-Up" encounters featuring one of my key animals for events. This is a great opportunity to have a one-on-one encounter with a specific animal, and is a great choice for small classes, themed birthday parties, interviews, and photo sessions. Learn more about Creature Close-Up opportunities! ~ Rescue/Rehoming ~ Due to facility renovations and upgrades I will NOT be able to take in any new surrenders of any kind. Although I previously offered this service to local animal control and licensed shelter facilities, I will not be able to continue to offer this service in any capacity for the foreseeable future. If you need a recommendation or referral there are listings for reptile-specific rescues, clubs, and organizations in my Knowledge Base articles ~ Consultation ~ I will still be offering consultation and training opportunities for pet owners, educators, and enthusiasts who have questions or need guidance on animal care needs. For those owners who are looking at purchasing a new pet, or need guidance on how to improve the care of a current pet I encourage you to reach out and ask for help. ~ Shop ~ With an anticipated reduction in program income, there are still be ways that you and your friends can support the ongoing efforts of CROC! I have added a shop where you can purchase unique t-shirts, funny animal swag, and even naturally-molted feathers and sheds that can be used in craft supplies and decorations. Check out the CROC Shop


In closing out 2021, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those of you who have been regular hosts for my events, have donated to continue to support my cause, or who have helped share my passion for these amazing animals through the years. It is with your support that I have been able to serve as a resource in our region to assist with exotic animal welfare concerns for the past 10 years, and I hope to continue to do so for many more. From my family to yours, I am wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season,

and sending hope and joy for a Happy New Year

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