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If you need to surrender or rehome a pet, please check out one of the great resources below, or Click Here for Guidance

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Need to surrender a pet?
Click here for support

NEVER EVER release a pet into the wild!

Protect our wildlife and natural resources!
Please do NOT not take home wild animals home for pets!
NEVER release a pet into the wild!
If you're not sure the rules for your state, or need help with an injured wild animal contact your local Wildlife Department through the resources below.

Wildlife Regulations & Rules


Please contact your local wildlife department directly if you have questions about laws

Vermont Wildlife Rules

-Regulated & Unregulated wildlife species list

-Complete rules on wildlife importation & possession

New Hampshire Wildlife Rules

-Rules regarding reptiles    

-General species possession rules

- Sale and import of pets

Massachusetts Wildlife Rules

-Wildlife possession rules

Connecticut Wildlife Rules

- Wildlife & exotic animal possession rules

Maine Wildlife Rules

- Wildlife & exotic animal possession rules

New York State Wildlife Rules

- Permits required for possession of exotic animals

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Found an injured wild animal in need of help?
Please check the resources in your state or contact your local wildlife department directly for referrals.


NEVER attempt to treat a wild animal without guidance from a licensed rehabber!


New Hampshire Wildlife Rehabbers

Vermont Wildlife Rehabbers

Massachusetts Wildlife Rehabbers

Maine Wildlife Rehabbers

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

Please contact your nearest veterinarian for additional emergency animal care resources.

Not sure how to get help?
Please reach out for guidance

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