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Reach out for questions or support


For general inquiries email is the BEST method of contact, or use the Facebook Messenger app button in the lower right corner of this website.

I am not a veterinary care or wildlife rehab provider. If you have a sick or injured animal needing immediate care, please contact a veterinarian  or wildlife rehab facility for assistance.

Check FAQ first for basic questions before contacting me.

Need to rehome a pet?
Surrenders are only accepted at the referral of licensed authorities on a case-by-case.
For private pet rehoming, please review the options listed on the link below:

Support the ongoing efforts of CROC!

Make a donation or visit the Swag Shop for gifts, artwork, prints, and more!

Proceeds from sales support my ongoing efforts to provide education and outreach services.

Please be aware: CROC is not a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Consider donating to your local animal rescue.

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