Inspiring a love for all earth's creatures

Despite my more "typical" job working in IT, my true passion lies in working with amazing and unique animals. I operate CROC entirely out-of-pocket and care for these animals in my home as members of my family.


Nearly a decade ago I formed one of NH's only 501c3 reptile rescues, and have continued to provide high-quality education outreach to the twin-state area. It was through my work in a nonprofit that I realized most animal neglect stemmed from a lack of education about the unique needs of captive animals.

Over the years I have participated in numerous environmental education events, visited dozens of schools, have appeared on TV, and have been featured in several news articles highlighting my work with pet reptile rescue. I have reached hundreds of people with my message of respect for the less appreciated creatures of our world.

Now a mother, I am blessed to be sharing these amazing animals with my daughter. Through my continued efforts in C.R.O.C. I hope to inspire others to care about the welfare of these animals in both captivity and the wild, and help others learn to appreciate them.

Christina Swaan
Herpetoculturist, Wildlife Educator
Permitted animal exhibitor through
 NH Fish & Game and VT Fish & Wildlife 
-Fully Insured-
-All animals routinely health checked-
-Excellent safety history-
-Exhibit policies-
-Personal Code of Ethics-

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Do you want to help my mission to provide quality education to pet owners, support animals in need, and help put an end to exotic animal neglect or abandonment? You can send a monetary gift to CROC to support the expenses involved in my efforts.

*CROC is not a 501c3 nonprofit, donations are not tax-deductible