Inspiring a love for all earth's creatures

I've had a lifelong passion for the scaly less-loved creatures of this planet. Nearly a decade ago I formed one of NH's only 501c3 reptile rescues, and have continued to provide high-quality education outreach to the twin-state area.

Shortly after becoming involved with running an animal rescue, it had become obvious to me that the more serious cause of animal neglect stemmed from a lack of understanding and education about the unique needs of these animals in captivity. I had come to the conclusion that regardless how many animals I help to rescue, there would always be a major problem with the availability of good resources for information.

It is my hope that by being a resource and guide to provide pet owners an opportunity to learn more about these animals, provide them the proper care and understand their needs before they purchase a new pet, that I will help to prevent animal abuse and neglect before it starts. Through C.R.O.C. I want to inspire others to care about the welfare of these animals in both captivity and the wild, and help others learn to appreciate them.

Christina Swaan
Herpetoculturist, Wildlife Educator
*State permitted exhibitor through
 NH Fish & Game and VT Fish & Wildlife 
*All animals routinely health checked
*Excellent safety history
*Fully insured
Proceeds from programs goes towards animal care & maintenance, and ongoing educational outreach services.

Based in

North Haverhill, NH

© 2019 by Christina Swaan

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