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- VT & NH Permitted Exhibitor-
-Fully Insured-
-All animals routinely health checked-
-Excellent safety history-
-Exhibit policies-

-Personal Code of Ethics-
Christina Swaan
Animal Care Consultant

Inspiring love for all earth's creatures

Nearly a decade ago I formed one of NH's only 501c3 reptile rescues and have continued to provide high-quality education outreach to the twin-state area. It was through my work in a non-profit that I realized most animal neglect stemmed from a lack of education about the unique needs of captive animals. I stepped down from my position as president of the non-profit in 2018 to focus on my family.

Although I am no longer running a rescue facility, I am still blessed to be sharing these amazing animals with my daughter. Through my continued efforts in C.R.O.C. I hope to inspire others to care about the welfare of these animals in both captivity and the wild, and help others learn to appreciate them.

I operate CROC almost entirely out of pocket. Although it is my passion to care for and share these animals with everyone, I do this largely in my free time outside of my normal day job as an IT Professional which covers the costs for many of my animal care expenses. CROC receives no state or federal funding, and all proceeds from exhibits, sale items, or monetary gifts goes towards supplementing the costs of caring for the animals and delivering programs.

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