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The Fickle Fowl

With the loss of Rufio, our coop is sadly no longer worthy of it's former name. There is always some crazy poultry shenanigans happening on our little urban backyard "farm" and I would like to continue to share the stories (good and bad) of my experiences with dealing with these fickle creatures.

In appreciation for all the experiences and nuances that unfold within our flock, I am renaming our coop "The Fickle Fowl of North Haverhill"

With Rufios departure there is room for a new rooster to take the lead of the flock.

Enter the reign of Kieran!

Originally marked as an Easter egger “pullet” Kieran joined our flock in April 2021 at 4wks old. He’s been keeping a low profile as the subordinate cockerel, but over the last couple of months his personality has shown through as he started courting the hens with more chivalrous ways of seduction: offering treats, leading his hens to the best scratching spots, and respecting the authority of the more mature hens in the flock.

So far Kieran has not shown any aggressive tendencies- preferring to back down from a fight, and not engaging in any games of chase when the hens aren’t in the mood for his advances. Let’s hope that as the new flock chief he continues to be a gentle and humble leader.

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