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Summer days... drifting away

This summer has been one of my busiest in the history of offering outreach programs, even when considering my past work operating a nonprofit. Between previous and new clients, I delivered more than a dozen programs to area venues between June & July alone.

August is proving to be yet another month of change. With the last of the summer camp programs completing this Friday, I get to redirect my focus on family matters - including seeing my daughter off to her first year of school as she starts kindergarten. In addition to changes on the home front, my work responsibilities are shifting as well. Recently I received a promotion in my "normal" job, bringing on much appreciated benefits as well as the expectation that I am to pursue a degree program.

All this change is great, and all of it will be for positive reasons bringing with them new opportunities and growth, but with personal change, so too will I need to make changes in how I am managing and operating CROC and the animals I care for.

Starting this month, I will no longer be able to accept new clients or outreach requests outside of my immediate local travel area. The burden on my time and resources is becoming too high to be able to confidently meet the growing interests in the services I offer. With many of my ambassador animals aging and becoming less compatible to long-distance travel I knew this would be an inevitability. This unfortunately also means I will have to discontinue services to several of my more remote and long-distance clients who I've been visiting for previous years.

Despite changes in my personal availability to deliver shows to the region, CROC will continue to operate to provide pet owners, rescues, and other facilities guidance on animal care and consultation as needed. Even if I am not available to schlep a zoo to a venue, I am always available via email or messenger to discuss concerns related to animal care.

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