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New Year, New Adventures

The greatest joy I've accomplished to date is seeing my own daughter grow into an interest in science, the natural world, and the amazing animals that share our home. Through watching her grow, play, and learn I have felt a new enthusiasm for learning and sharing this world around us. Of all the work I've done in the years I've been providing animal care and outreach services, seeing my own daughter grow into this world is by the accomplishment that brings me the most pride.

While my own endeavors for CROC have been minimal as of late, it appears my daughter's efforts are only just starting to pick up. The kid has almost endless energy and a drive for storytelling. It is clear that she has a natural affinity towards perfomance and pulling other's into her interests that far exceeds my own. Now that she is in Kindergarten, the opportunities to share her animals and the joy she has for them with her peers have begun to grow. Over the past year we began playing with a small collection of videos with my daughter to showcase her enjoyment of animals and start getting her involved in animal care and education. We named the video series Mia's Menagerie and released our first episode in March of 2022. These videos are already becoming quite popular with friends and family that we've shared them with, and I am hopeful that interst in this content grows outside of our own personal circles as we publish them to a wider audience.

I have no way of knowing for sure whether my daughter's interest in creating these videos or participating in outreach programs will last, but for now she seems to thoroughly enjoy the attention she recieves while sharing her stories. I've already booked some of my first presentations for her school, and she will soon be participating as a presenter for local afterschool programs - something she has been asking me to become involved with for some time now.

As an animal outreach professional everything I do through CROC is to promote interest and respect for the animals that share our world. As a parent everything I do for my daughter is with the hope that she will continue to be kind, strong, inquisitive, and excited to explore the world around her. I feel incredibly blessed to see my own daughter growing into a person who is sharing my interest, and who may very well continue to build upon her own knowledge and share her enthusiasm with others.

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