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Chicken Math

I've been keeping poultry for quite a few years now as a hobby alongside my efforts with

CROC's outreach and education programs, but in that time one thing has become quite obvious: The poultry community is a VERY different one from that of reptiles & exotic pets.

I've tried to sustain both sides of my "animal life" in unison for quite some time, but it has become increasingly difficult to keep my adventures relevant in both communities.

As much as I love ALL of my animals, I also understand that a lot of poultry keepers don't appreciate snakes. Similarly, a lot of reptile keepers have no interest or capacity for raising chickens, so trying to integrate poultry into my education programs has been a bit of a stretch - particularly when visiting more urban areas.

Because of my educational exhibitor status, I've been registered with the state of NH for poultry inspections for several years now, but in that time the chickens have always been somewhat of a backdrop to my main focus on reptiles. Over the past year however, I have had to bring things much closer to home and focus more on the needs of my family. With this, the chickens have become one of those projects that has been engaging for all in my household while also having more benefits toward sustainability with fresh eggs almost daily, and the occasional home-prepared chicken dinner.

Chicken math has TRULY got the best of me. As my focus now has become much more rooted in my family's needs and future security, I am realizing that raising chickens and the other efforts involved in keeping poultry is a much more sustainable and sometimes even profitable endeavor - even if those "profits" are merely having more opportunity to connect with friends and family over a meal.

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