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Exhibit Programs are only available to Vermont & New Hampshire locations.

Prior to accepting a program or service, fees are typically explained and agreed upon prior to delivery of the services. All payments are due prior to, or upon the delivery of the services provided. Refunds will only be offered for exhibit programs if cancelled not less than 48hrs of scheduled delivery date.

By booking an exhibit featuring live animals, clients agree to obey any rules or requests to ensure the health and public safety of all animals and the people involved. I will be responsible for the animals, but YOU are responsible for your guests.
In order to ensure public safety, as well as the health and comfort of the animals, I ask that clients agree to the following rules...

  • Exhibits should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance in order to confirm details of the event, notify necessary animal control authorities (per state law) and obtain a certificate of insurance if required.

  • Participants must obey all rules explained by the presenter, must be respectful of the animals, and may not engage in any unruly or disruptive behavior that could jeopardize the safety of the animals, the presenter, or other audience participants.

  • Participants are not allowed to have physical contact with restricted/dangerous wildlife species and must maintain a safe distance from the animal as determined by presenter.

  • Participants who display disruptive behavior or fail to follow the rules may be asked to leave.

  • I reserve the right to cancel an event or leave early if the conditions put the safety of myself, the animals, or members of the public at risk. (poor weather/travel conditions, disruptive/hostile audience, animal sickness or behavior problems, unsuitable venue accommodations, etc.)

  • If I need to cancel an event due to unplanned issues or emergency, the event may be rescheduled or refunded in full at client’s request.

  • No refund will be given for exhibits that are cancelled as a result of unruly or disruptive audience behavior, or client failure to notify of cancellation at least 48hrs in advance.

  • Client pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are NOT allowed to interact with any of my exhibit animals to ensure their health and safety. If the event is scheduled to take place in a location where other animals are present, I may ask that they be leashed, contained, or removed from the exhibit location.

Other Services

  • Private consultations via email, phone, or chat are free, but I reserve the right to refuse or refer the consultation if I determine that the questions or services being asked cannot be adequately resolved.

  • I am not a veterinarian and cannot provide advice on injuries or illness requiring medical treatment. For sick/injured animals, I will refer you to a qualified veterinarian.

  • In-home consultations are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Payment is due on the day of the consultation.

  • For enclosure builds or other design services, payment for materials or supplies must be made prior to start of construction.

  • All equipment sales, used supplies, cages, or other items are FINAL. Used items are typically sold in as-is condition and no guarantee is offered.


View My CODE OF ETHICS to learn more about my animal care policies

All questions or concerns should be directed via email to

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