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It's not just about reptiles.

Poultry are fast becoming some of the most popular backyard pets for young families seeking rural and self-sustaining lifestyles. What originally started as a few birds to provide food for my family and other pets has quickly grown into a small homesteading operation.

My birds serve a valuable purpose as pest-control, lawn fertilization, provide fresh food for our family, and give us endless hours of entertainment. As pets many of them have names and unique personalities that make them exceptional ambassadors for their species.

Humanely Raised Poultry & Farm Fresh Eggs


Fresh Eggs
Curbside pickup spring through fall
Local delivery available by request


Seasonal availability of eggs & chicks
Adult birds available year-round


Royal Palm Turkeys
Poults available starting in May
Pre-order required for adult birds

T-Shirts, Gifts, Accessories!


Custom-printed clothing & accessories available for the poultry (and other critter) lover in your life. Direct-ship to you for any occasion.

Check out the selection of designs and items at my shop!

Kid with chicken

Because all animals deserve respect.

My flock is raised according to the 5 Freedoms Of Animal Welfare which ensures they are cared for humanely per the following rules:

-Freedom from hunger or thirst

-Freedom from discomfort

-Freedom from pain, injury, or disease

-Freedom to express normal behaviour

-Freedom from fear & distress

Learn more about the 5-Freedoms & my animal care ethics

*NH State Registered Farm: Our flock and facility is inspected and tested annually by the NH Department of Agriculture to ensure our birds are free of transmissible diseases including Salmonella Pullorum and Avian Influenza. 

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