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Promoting responsible animal care and respect for ALL species.


Reptiles have become increasingly popular pets for many people seeking a new companion, but all species have unique needs and care requirements that must be met to ensure their health and happiness. It is critical that you do lots of research and be preoared to provide adequate care BEFORE you bring any animal home.

My goal through CROC is to break through common misconceptions by educating about these fantastic animals, buidling respect for the roles they play on our planet, and encouraging those who chose to keep these animals in captivity to adhere to high levels of animal welfare and ethical care practices.

Mia's Menagerie
Always Be Curious!

My daughter Mia has a huge interest in all of the animals that share our home. When she's not busy playing with her toys or watching her favorite shows, she spends her time helping me with the animals and their care.

Follow Mia's Menagerie on YouTube for entertaining & educational animal care tips!

Playing with snakes inside where it's nice and warm on this blustery Saturday morning..jpg

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