Protect our natural resources!

Reptiles play a critical role in a healthy and diverse ecosystem. Without them, many of these delicate systems could become unbalanced and crash. Deforestation, pollutants, and over-exploitation by hunting and collection of the pet trade have had some pretty negative impacts on reptiles across the globe. It is up to us to ensure that these animals and their habitat remain undisturbed by human activity. Check with your local wildlife department for ways that you can participate in protecting habitats for reptiles..

Found an animal in need of help? Please contact a wildlife rehabber in your state or check out one of the following links...





Is my pet legal?

Every state has a different regulations regarding the private ownership of exotic animals. Below you can find links to the various regulations regarding pet reptiles in the New England region. If you are not entirely sure about a species, please contact your state Wildlife Department directly for clarification.

***Please note that in addition to state-based regulations, some towns and counties have separate regulations that may impact legality of some species.

Vermont Wildlife Rules

-Regulated & Unregulated wildlife species list

Complete rules on wildlife importation & possession

New Hampshire Wildlife Rules

-Rules regarding reptiles    

-General species possession rules   

- Sale and import of pets

Massachusetts Wildlife Rules

-Wildlife possession rules

Connecticut Wildlife Rules

- Wildlife & exotic animal possession rules

Maine Wildlife Rules

- Wildlife & exotic animal possession rules

New York State Wildlife Rules

- Permits required for possession of exotic animals

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