Exhibit Rates & Details

Live animal presentations are currently only available to Vermont and New Hampshire business and public locations, and cannot be held in a private residence. I do NOT have a public facility that is open to the public, and all programs are offered as traveling-only exhibits.

Travel/prep fees are determined based on location and additional factors pertaining to the exhibit type and help to cover necessary additional expenses.  Additional time for pictures, questions, and hands-on interaction is included with all program offerings.

Exhibits MUST be booked at least 30 days in advance, payment is due in full on or prior to the day of the event.

For outdoor events, temperature must be at least 65F and not exceed 85F with shade provided and no high winds or rain. The safety and comfort of my animals is #1 priority for ALL event types, and I reserve the right to refuse or cancel an event if the health or safety of the animals is at risk. Submit an inquiry for complete health & safety details.


Large Public Presentation - $275 + Travel/prep

Ideal for large school assemblies, lecture halls, parks, outdoor events, and other public venues. Up to 2 hour presence, unlimited number of attendees. Opportunities for public hands-on interaction with certain species depending on venue.

Full Day/Extended event - $350 + Travel/Prep
For stationary exhibits, "touch & see" display table, and other venues such as fairs, field days, outdoor celebrations, carnivals, festivals, expos, and sporting events. Maximum of 6 hours, includes single tent and table with ongoing displays and small activities and a small collection of animals to display based on event type.

Classroom Session - $160 + Travel/prep

Presentation in a single school classroom session, typically 1/2hr-1hr sessions. Can be paired with multiple same-day sessions for a discounted rate. Species displayed and lecture can be adjusted to suite the needs of your group.

Non-profit Presentation - By Donation

Presentation for small library groups, or other 501c3 and non-profit organisations with an audience of around 20 people. Up to 1 hour presentation time. Attendees given the opportunity for hands-on interaction.

Custom Exhibit Options- *Contact to discuss details*
Not sure if one of the options listed above is right for your event request? For small venues, non-profit organizations, low-income facilities, or other venues not listed above I can put together a custom rate based on the location setting, venue type, and animals requested. Contact me to discuss your situation and full details on customised exhibit options.

Consulting Fees

Virtual or live consultation includes pet care and training information, assistance with habitat design or construction, Q&A type support, and general assistance NOT related to live-animal exhibits or veterinary care.


 Email/ Virtual Consultation - FREE*

*Applies to simple "quick question" type support, or general advice in which no products or live conversation is exchanged. If more advanced support is needed, or private consultation is required paid services may be recommended. 24hr response time. Social media chat through Facebook or email communication. Please note I do NOT offer veterinary care guidance - For issues related to medication and health issues, please contact your nearest exotics veterinarian. If you cannot find one, I can assist you in finding a referral.

Private in-home consultation - $50/hour + Travel

In-home visit to assist with guidance on general care, enclosure setup, or basic handling & training techniques. Evening & weekend appointments available. I can also bring one of my animals to your home for a "meet & greet" if you are interested in learning about a particular animal or just want to get some familiarity with one.

Enclosure design & building assistance *Rates based on complexity of project*

I can assist you with designing a custom enclosure, with basic computer modeling. Some building/contractor assistance available by referral. *Does not include materials cost, contractors fees, or additional equipment or powertool rentals.

Pet Sitting / Boarding - $5 per day

Limited availability for boarding while you are away. Animals are housed & cared for in my home in a suitable temporary enclosure that meets the habitat and environmental requirements of your pet while adhering to state-recommended policies in biosecurity, sanitation, and health standards. Additional costs for feed/prey/groceries may apply based on species need.
Available only for non-aquatic turtle/tortoise species, lizards under 2' in length, and snakes under 4' in length.
*Not available for oversized animals, special needs, or sick/ injured/ handicapped animals requiring intensive medical treatments.

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