Remote Learning Opportunities

You don't have to be a local to get a chance to see and learn about some amazing creatures. I offer personalized 1-on-1 learning sessions for homeschoolers, teachers, and family groups through a variety of virtual platforms, including Zoom, Facebook Live, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime.

$75/session, max 60minute session

*Remote sessions operate on Eastern Standard Time, and are limited to US residents.

Contact me to schedule your remote session

In-Person Exhibits & Outreach programs

Public exhibits and full-contact presentations have been impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Future programs will resume as allowable within appropriate health & safety guidelines.

If you would like to discuss options for Summer 2021 Exhibit program possibilities please contact me.

Looking to rehome your pet?
Please read the following for more info:

Consultation & Guidance

Whether you're looking to purchase your first pet reptile, or are a more advanced keeper looking for guidance on how you can improve the quality of life for your captive animals, I have knowledge stemming from over 10yrs of experience in professional exotic animal care.
I typically offer this information free-of-charge via chat, email, and phone.

I do NOT offer veterinary care or diagnosis. If you have a pet that is injured or in need of medical attention, contact your nearest licensed veterinarian for assistance.

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North Haverhill, NH

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