Remote Learning Opportunities

You don't have to be a local to get a chance to see and learn about some amazing creatures. I offer personalized 1-on-1 learning sessions for homeschoolers, teachers, and family groups through a variety of virtual platforms, including Zoom, Facebook Live, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime.

$75/session, max 60minute session

*Remote sessions operate on Eastern Standard Time, and are limited to US residents.

Contact me to schedule your remote session

In-Person Exhibits & Outreach programs

Public exhibits and full-contact presentations will be contingent on COVID-19 recommendations and applicable health and safety requirements.

In-person exhibits are billed at $150 per hour plus an additional $30 travel/setup fee for VT & NH presentations. Minimum 1hr required.
Typical programs run 1.5-2hrs to include setup/take-down, and post-presentation Q&A and interactions.

Programs can be tailored to your needs, featuring a variety of species.

If you would like to discuss options for Summer 2021 Exhibit program possibilities please contact me.

Looking to rehome your pet?
Please read the following for more info:

Consultation & Guidance

Whether you're looking to purchase your first pet reptile, or are a more advanced keeper looking for guidance on how you can improve the quality of life for your captive animals, I have knowledge stemming from over 10yrs of experience in professional exotic animal care.
I typically offer this information free-of-charge via chat, email, and phone.

I do NOT offer veterinary care or diagnosis. If you have a pet that is injured or in need of medical attention, contact your nearest licensed veterinarian for assistance.

Due to anticipated rises in insurance rates, changing regulations regarding wildlife exhibits and transport, and some anticipated changes within my family needs over the next few years, this will be the last summer I will be offering public exhibit outreach programs.


The COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2020 left me feeling ready to throw in the towel on my programs. I originally announced the anticipated closure of CROC last summer, reducing significantly much of my capacity for offering programs. I sold and donated a large number of spare enclosures and equipment to other organizations and reptile keepers, and reduced the number of animals in my home to the few permanent residents and animal ambassadors who had already been with me long-term.

When 2021 began, I felt determined not to be defeated and this spring have been excited to start booking some more programs with a few of my long-term clients.


Unfortunately I do need to consider the reality of sustaining this project in the long-term.


Above all else, the health and welfare of my animals has always been the top priority. Several of my animals are beginning to enter their "senior years" and it will not be fair to them to continue to subject them to the stresses involved with being transported to programs. Others (like Socrates) are simply getting too large for me to comfortably transport by myself to programs. In addition, ongoing changes in animal transport and welfare laws may cause a bit too much red-tape for me to continue to justify the expense and effort in offering inter-state programs.


It is possible I will in some capacity continue to share my animals with the public, as they are my companions and family members. I will no doubt continue to enjoy bringing them to pet-friendly events on occasion, or visiting with my daughter's friends and school "show and tell" days... but in looking at the responsibility and logistics of continuing to operate as a licensed exhibitor and outreach business under the constraints I now have, it is an unfortunate reality that I will not be able to keep it going for another season.


If you would still like to schedule a visit with one of my animals for the 2021 school & summer camp season, please feel free to reach out! I will likely be accepting limited bookings until the end of October.

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