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Get acquainted with some cool critters!

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Live animal outreach programs


Professional, insured, flexible exhibit programs featuring a variety of animals for your celebration or classroom learning experience. I offer options for one-on-one sessions, photo shoots, theme parties, large public events, petting zoos, nature lessons, creature-feature experiences, and more!

Program Delivery Availability


All programs are delivered to locations within NH Grafton County, VT Orange County, and immediate local areas from North Haverhill, NH.

For questions regarding delivery of events outside of service region contact me.

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Consultation & Guidance


I offer pet owner consultation sessions, assistance with exotic animal behavior and training, dietary and general care advice, and design planning for the construction of habitats and terrariums.

Many questions can be answered for free via email, or if in-home inspection or consultation is needed I can provide a quote for an in-depth visit.

I do NOT offer veterinary care or diagnosis.

If you have a pet that is injured or in need of medical attention, contact your nearest licensed veterinarian for assistance.

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