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All the animals featured in my programs are permanent residents who have come to me from a variety of sources. They are routinely checked for health and temperament to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their roles as ambassadors. For a little bit of information on each animal, check out their stories below!


"Amaru" Smooth-fronted Caiman DOB: April 2019 Private acquisition & import from a licensed facility.


"Levi" Burmese Python (albino) DOB May, 2002 Received by Christina as a pet in 2005 from another overwhelmed pet owner. Responsible for inspiring education and rescue work.


"Ninja" Black Milk Snake DOB 2003 Received in 2016 from another private keeper who was downsizing collection of animals.


"Raena" Brazillian Rainbow Boa DOB - Unknown Received from VT game warden from owner surrender.


"Bubby" Green Iguana DOB Feb 2009 Surrendered in April 2015 due to outgrowing previous owners capacity to provide habitat.


"Puppy" Argentine Tegu DOB 2016 Private acquisition from an established facility.


"Socrates" Sulcata Tortoise DOB May 1998 Surrendered in December 2012 due to outgrowing previous owners home.


"Gamgam" & "Envy" Redfooted Tortoise DOB ~early 2000s Owner surrender due to unable to continue care.


"Sneakers" Crested Gecko DOB Feb 2010 Received in December of 2012 severely malnourished due to neglect from previous owner.


"Jabba" African Bullfrog DOB May 2016 Received from a pet store due to extended time not being sold.


"Anansi" Chaco Goldenknee tarantula DOB Unknown Acquisition from private facility.


"Chica" Blue & Yellow Macaw DOB March 1997 Recieved in 2013 through private facility. Surrendered due to illness of previous owner, and incompatibility with other birds in previous home.


Chickens Raised by Chrisitina Swaan or obtained from owners no longer able to care for them. Mixed breeds and ages.


"Gonzo" Royal Palm Turkey DOB: May 2020 Hatched & raised by Christina


Peanut Bunny DOB 2015 Recieved from a pet owner due to at risk of injury from owners dog/incompatible living situation.

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