My Code of Ethics
In order to deliver quality and professional outreach programs I strive to adhere to high standards of animal welfare, captive animal care, and public health & safety standards.
I consider the health, well-being, and safety of my animals to be of the utmost priority in any situation, and will not force an animal into a situation that places them at risk of unnecessary stress or exposure to harm.
I adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines as dictated by governing officials in order to protect human health and safety for myself and of my audience members.
I adhere to all governing regulations regarding the possession, handling, transport, and display of animals.
I maintain all of my animals in proper habitats that allow for natural behaviors and environmental enrichment.
I practice strict safety measures when handling or transporting animals to reduce the chance of stress or injury to animals and other humans or personal property.
I do not support unethical breeding, collecting wild animals for pets, or irresponsible sales of exotic animals.
I believe that providing necessary veterinary care is critical to being a responsible pet keeper.
 I believe that reasonable legislation should be introduced and enforced to guide and protect basic animal welfare standards for all species of animals in both private and professional collections.
I acknowledge that keeping exotic animals poses many ethical dilemmas, so I advocate heavily for responsible pet ownership and education to ensure better animal welfare outcomes.
I believe that there will always be opportunities to do better. As knowledge of animal care and behavior grows with new discoveries and scientific findings, it is critical to be willing to accept knew information and learning to improve methods of interacting with and caring for  animals.

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